Mindfully explore, discover & remember your full potential

through self-directed learning journeys.


LearnTwin provides you a safe and private space, where you can save and structure your memories, thoughts, ideas and inspirations. Through guided reflections we help you to focus on your personal learning journeys and support you in stepping into your creative power.


We are not here for self-optimization or organizing your noise at work. We are here for YOU, we will take you by your hand

and lead you through your beautiful inner world of curiosity and creativity.

How does it work?

1 Impulse

Do you know this moment, when something catches your attention?

Wherever you are - you receive impulses which spark your interest. You would love to dive deeper, but maybe not now?

2 Collect

Would you like to have a place to save all your thoughts, ideas and notes?

Drop everything which comes to your mind into your LearnTwin app.

Save your daily thoughts, take a note, add a screenshot or a link to an article you want to save or read later.

3 Create

Do you really know what you’re interested in and what your passions are?

By choosing what content to remember and save, you are the creator of your own learning journey. Create your focus topics, add everything which comes to your mind and set up your own structure.

4 Reflect

Do you still ask yourself how to unlock your personal growth?

Remembering & reflecting about information and your curiosity helps you to (re)discover yourself. Because you start seeing what you’re really interested in, what you’re good at and what you already have learned.

5 Impact

How much time do you spend on social media and DON’T invest into your future?

Acknowledging and seeing that, will make you feel invincible. LearnTwin encourages you to have an impact by exploring your curiosity outside your phone.


LearnTwin helps you to take your creative

power back!

We are currently living in a world of information overload

Your attention is cleverly guided by algorithms, marketing and ads. When you are scrolling around social media you are drawn in a whirlpool of precisely chosen information for YOU. 


Yesterday you read about those inspiring people who want to save the world by creating plant-based proteins and you were impressed by their passion and ideas? You wanted to dig deeper and save this article for the evening — but all of a sudden you forgot about it?


Sounds familiar?


Sometimes you feel helplessly lost and powerless because while receiving all the information you are comparing yourself to people who act on their beliefs? And what are you doing?

Sign up to LearnTwin, design your space of ideas, reflect your personal growth and become an active creator of your life.

LearnTwin serves everyone who loves: 




Why we are here:


We empower everyone to become creators of their personal learning journeys by exploring the creative power of their own curiosity.


Our vision is to foster lifelong learning and unleashing the growth mindset in you. 

Right now, we are in the midst of our learning journey and can't wait to show you the results.


Join our waiting list to receive updates and connect with us, as we are starting to look for test users very soon!


What can you do until then? 


Spread the word, take action and mindfully start exploring your creative power by asking yourself “What made me curious today”?

See you soon! Join our waiting list:

Thank you so much! This will be a great journey. Are you ready?